Help a pretty lady make a pretty record.

Meet Anna Ash, she has an dream of making  an amazing record. She is using to help make this dream come true. Won’t you help?

I haven’t written on this for a long time. Yet, I feel inspired to write as my dear friend and wonderful musician Anna Ash is attempting to use kickstarter to fund her next recording project. If you have not heard Anna, you are sadly missing out on a truly amazing voice and sound. If you happen to stumble upon this. Please donate a to her kickstarter, there are only 14 days left, and even the smallest amount helps.


Click here to learn more and pledge

Update: If you pledge you will be given three brand new demos! This goes for any amount you pledge.

Also for those of you reading, and have not heard her music. Here is a link to a free download of her brilliant 2009 EP- “My Oh My”



~ by justinjdrabek on December 14, 2010.

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